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Play Therapists

The first step in the ‘It Takes a Village’ initiative is the recruitment of a Play Therapist to work across all eight primary schools in the catchment area of Greystones and Delgany. The play therapist will work with all the primary schools in order to help equip the children, parents, teachers and principals with the tools to navigate their way through the many challenges society and primary schools are experiencing.

Q&A Seminar

Monthly Talks

Every month there will be a talk hosted by one of the local primary schools. These talks are an opportunity for parents, teachers, coaches etc to upskill and become more equipped to better help the children. 

View the Monthly Themes here

Analyzing the data


As part of the initiative we are always gathering information and data that will help us make informed decisions and positively impact the wellbeing of the children. 

View the survey results here

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Get Involved

If you would like to get involved, lets us know by completing the contact form below.

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